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Endeavour is a playset for the PARAGON system. You will need a copy of the AGON rulebook to play this game. Refer to agon-rpg.com for more information.


You are an officer aboard the Interstellar Confederation Ship Endeavour. Your mission is to explore the galaxy. You will travel deep into uncharted space where you will encounter strange phenomena, make first contact with alien civilizations, and help those in need.


This is an optimistic-science fiction game. It is a game about a future in which humanity has progressed beyond the kinds of internecine conflicts that plague modern society. Advanced technology is common and has created a post-scarcity society throughout the Interstellar Confederation.

Stories in Endeavour generally involve some kind of moral quandary. Moreover, the futuristic setting acts as lens through which we can view contemporary social issues. The best such stories are fundamentally about the difficult choices the crew are asked to make and how they are affected by their experiences.


This playset includes:

  • Modified rules for the PARAGON system. Significant changes include the details of how Distinction (cf. Glory) is awarded and how Civilizations (cf. Gods) are discovered during play rather than being drawn from an existing pantheon.
  • Three versions of the 25+ page rulebook which describe the game's setting and the differences between Endeavour and AGON.
    • A full-color version of individual pages designed for use on small screens.
    • A full-color version of two-page spreads designed for use on large screens. 
    • A "half-color" booklet that can be printed and assembled into a 32-page physical rule book for the game.  This version has full-color cover and interior artwork, but the decorative page borders have been removed.
  • Two versions of the Endeavour character sheet.
    • A full-color version designed for use on screens.
    • A "half-color" version to facilitate home printing.
  • Three Planets to explore. Each Planet section includes full-page artwork as well as subsections that describe the Log Entry, Arrival, Trials, Crisis, Characters, Places, and Mysteries for that Planet.

Additional Planets

There are a number of additional Planets available that expand the world of ENDEAVOUR and can be incorporated into a campaign or used as standalone adventures.

Extra Endeavours

There are also several wonderful Planets that have been written by other authors. These offer interesting new perspectives on ENDEAVOUR and the kinds of gameplay that it can support.

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AuthorArmiger Games
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Does anyone happen to know of VTT integration for this game? I don't mind rolling my own, but I'd prefer to use what's handy if something exists.

I’m afraid that I don’t know of any VTT integrations for Endeavour. I certainly have made any myself. If you find one, please let me know! Otherwise, I’ll add it to the list of things to consider when I revisit this project later this year to make a second edition. 

This is a great game, Armiger Games. Great usage of the PARAGON system. 

I do wish it is a standalone read without the need of AGON rulebook.


Thanks for your kind words. When I wrote Endeavour last year, the SRD for the PARAGON system prohibited reproducing material from the AGON rulebook. Now, however, they have relaxed things a bit and it should be possible for me to update Endeavour to be a standalone game. Doing so is on my list of things to do, but it might be a few months before I'm able to find the time that I'll need to do the job right.

That's great to hear! I'm looking forward to it! Good luck on all your projects, Armiger Games!


I absolutely love this game, it’s everything I ever wanted from a Star Trek RPG, but the one thing that’s missing is the handy Rules Reference pages that Agon has. It’s super convenient to have a cheat sheet in front of you while playing. 

(1 edit) (+3)

Wonderful! Thanks for letting me know.

Regarding a cheat sheet, I agree that it would be a great thing to have available.  One concern that I have is that it might violate the PARAGON System usage guidelines.  Any cheat sheet would necessarily reproduce a lot of material from the AGON rulebook, and doing so is explicitly prohibited.

Still, it's such a good idea that I'll reach out to John Harper/Sean Nittner/Evil Hat Games and get an official ruling from them. If they give me the go-ahead, I'll happily make a cheat sheet for ENDEAVOUR straight away.