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This is an adventure for the ENDEAVOUR roleplaying game. ENDEAVOUR is a playset for the PARAGON system. You will need a copy of both ENDEAVOUR and the AGON rulebook to play this adventure. Refer to agon-rpg.com for more information.


Shkadov is an ancient alien megastructure. It is a star completely enshrouded by satellites which are used to harvest the star's energy. Despite its enormous size, Shkadov is traveling at over 99% the speed of light relative to the Interstellar Confederation standard reference frame. Because it is traveling at relativistic speed, any explorers who visit Shkadov will experience extreme time dilation.

In this adventure for the ENDEAVOUR roleplaying game, you travel to Shkadov to recover an expedition that was sent to explore the megastructure over one hundred standard years ago. In so doing, you will discover that Shkadov is actually a star-sized computer that houses an artificial intelligence of staggering power. Can you safely recover the expedition crew? How will you help them acclimate to life in the modern Interstellar Confederation? Will you try to communicate with Shkadov and learn who built it and why they did so?


Included are two versions of SHKADOV:

  • A full-color version that is intended for use on screens. 
  • A "half-color" version that can be printed and assembled into an eight-page booklet.

Both versions feature a full-color cover and a three-page (A5 size) description of the adventure. 


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