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This is an adventure for the ENDEAVOUR roleplaying game. ENDEAVOUR is a playset for the PARAGON system. You will need a copy of both ENDEAVOUR and the AGON rulebook to play this adventure. Refer to agon-rpg.com for more information.


Captain Darcy is three days overdue to report for duty after having taken several weeks of leave. Worryingly, a signal from his emergency transponder has just been been detected. The signal appears to be coming from the planet Unobu. 

In this adventure for the ENDEAVOUR roleplaying game, you will travel to Unobu to search for the missing captain.  When you arrive, you find that two men have taken refuge in the shelter provided by an ancient alien underground structure.  Both men appear to be Captain Darcy. Can you discover what has happened here?  Can you deduce which of the two men is the real Captain Darcy?  Can you escape from the planet without falling victim to whatever caused the captain's ship to crash here in the first place?


Included are two versions of UNOBU:

  • A full-color version that is intended for use on screens. 
  • A "half-color" version that can be printed and assembled into an eight-page booklet.

Both versions feature a full-color cover and a three-page (A5 size) description of the adventure. 

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorArmiger Games
Tagsagon, endeavour, paragon, Sci-fi, Tabletop role-playing game


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